The streets really aren't safe anymore. There are red light cameras on every block, traffic cops are shooting to kill, and even Paris and Lindsey...
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[caption id="attachment_501" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Courtesy of AllAreaCodes.com"][/caption]...
The Seven Types of iPhone Owners February 8th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of AllAreaCodes.com

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Facebook 2010 Yearbook February 1st, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Techcrunch and Candytech.biz

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Red Medicine: Creating A Buzz January 4th, 2011 · No Comments

It may not have been intentional, but it certainly got Red Medicine a lot of attention when they kicked out LA food critic, Irene Virbila, and put a photo of her on their web page.

Red Medicine, a Vietnamese influenced restaurant in Beverly Hills,  is a collaboration of Jordan Kahn and Adam Fleischman (Umami Burger founder). After spotting the LA Times Food Critic (whose job relies on anonymity) in their restaurant they snapped the picture and gave Virbila the boot. They also posted the picture on the Red Medicine Tumblr page. Ouch. So much for anonymity.

Anyways, the story was widely covered and gave the term “Red Medicine” a huge spike in popularity based on Google Trends:

the "A" indicates when news of Virbila's incident at Red Medicine dropped

Nice work! If Umami’s mention as GQ’s “Burger of the Year” wasn’t enough, this stunt will definitely get people to try Red Medicine. My review of them will be coming soon…so long as I don’t get the boot too (har har).

Red Medicine

8400 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Open until 2 am

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Facebook vs Twitter 2010 December 20th, 2010 · No Comments

An interesting demographic study into the two behemoths of social networking.

courtesy of Digital Surgeons

Some thoughts:

  • I had no idea that twitter was so big amongst college students.
  • Also twitter’s status as a platform for social interaction (rather than just a front end) is evident in that 52% of users  post to their twitter everyday, despite only 27% of those surveyed saying they login everyday.
  • I wonder how apps in 2011 are going to interact with all of the real time data available in twitter’s API.
  • In 2011, will Facebook and it’s advertisers figure out the formula to make Social Media Advertising as compelling as its SEM and Display Ad big brothers?

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The Crane Wife December 16th, 2010 · No Comments

image courtesy of pitchfork

Came across this song by the Decemberists which is about an old Japanese tale. Thought it was a good song (NPR picked the album as #1 in 2006) and even better story behind. Story is included below the player.

“It’s a story about a peasant in rural Japan who finds a wounded crane on an evening walk; there’s an arrow in its wing. He revives the crane and the crane flies away. A couple days later, a mysterious woman shows up at his door and he takes her in. Eventually they fall in love and get married. But they’re very poor, so she suggests that she start weaving this cloth which he can in turn sell at the market—the condition being that when she’s weaving it, she has to do it behind closed doors and he can’t look in. So this goes on for a while and they actually become kind of wealthy. But eventually, his curiosity gets the best of him and he looks in at her while she’s weaving and it turns out that she’s a crane and she’s been pulling feathers from her wings and putting it into the cloth, which is what makes it so beautiful. But him having seen her breaks the spell, and she turns back into a crane and flies away. That’s the end.”

Crane Wife Story as described by the Decemberist’s Colin Meloy on NPR’s Fresh Air (courtesy of Wikipedia and NPR)

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Descent into Geek Chic-Dom November 29th, 2010 · Comments Off

Simpson's Professor Frink. Created by Matt Groening

Now that it’s officially cool to be a geek, let me share some of my recent nerdy indulgences:

Dataspora is a blog devoted to data mining trends and technologies. These topics are increasingly important now that so much data is accessible for analysis. One day, socially awkward data scientists and statisticians will become smooth operators just based on mining of trends on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Trust!


Oktrends is a statistical view into dating and relationships which is fueled by data from the free okcupid online dating site. Here is a revealing article about dating across races and another looking into deceiving profile information.


Surging in popularity is the expert q&a site Quora. It serves as more credible way to get your most nerdy curiosities answered. For example, user interface vs user experience design.
Here is there example for User Interface.
User interface courtesy of Quora and Xianhang Zhang

User interface courtesy of Quora and Xianhang Zhang

Check the article for the UE example. hehe.


Web 2.0 Summit (see YouTube coverage): This one is for sure the hippest of my geeky guilty pleasures. In 2010 they had notable interviews/presentations with: Ari Emanuel (who Entourage’s Ari Gold is based from), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), Tony Hsieh (Zappos CEO/Founder), Mary Meeker (Morgan Stanley’s Superstar New Media Analyst turned Kleiner Perkins partner), Mark Zuckerburg (duh), Fred Wilson (Principal at Union Square Ventures), Jeff Weiner (CEO LinkedIn), and many more of tech’s elite. It let’s you know what is coming soon from the most innovative and powerful companies in the web, mobile, and media spaces.


We Live in Public. This movie about crazy web entrepreneur and experimental “artist” Josh Harris, is so off the wall, that I rechecked the cover to make sure it wasn’t a mockumentary. It wasn’t. It’s absolutely wild.


Evernote. My inner nerd is disorganized like no other. Luckily, Evernote keeps track of all my crackpot ideas and organizes them in a way that nothing is lost. Between, the Evernote applications installed on my phone, browser, and desktop I have no need for browser bookmarks and meeting notebooks. Even this article is being typed into Evernote while I am flying high above Texas.


More to come, but in the meanwhile, send me some other nerdy finds relating to: big data, productivity suites, live action role playing (LARPing), etc.

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Indie Rock Retrospective November 19th, 2010 · No Comments

funkrocks pandora indie rock

Courtesy of the “thumbs-up” songs from the Funkrocks Indie Rock Pandora Station.

play sample Moth’s Wings by Passion Pit 11-19-2010
play sample In A Perfect World by Octoberman 11-19-2010
play sample Help I’m Alive by Metric 11-11-2010
play sample Librarian (Live 2009) by My Morning Jacket 11-10-2010
play sample Don’t Look Back by Kasey Anderson 11-10-2010
play sample Sol Solis by Moving Mountains 11-10-2010
play sample Angeles by Peter Bradley Adams 11-09-2010
play sample Please Stop Time by Tyler Ramsey 11-09-2010
play sample Lasso by Phoenix 11-09-2010
play sample Tomorrow Comes Today by Gorillaz 11-08-2010
play sample The Reeling by Passion Pit 11-08-2010
play sample Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg 11-07-2010
play sample New Days Close by Spokane 11-07-2010
play sample Welcome Home by Radical Face 11-06-2010
play sample The Only One by Lucero 11-05-2010
play sample Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros 11-02-2010
play sample Fences (Boombass Remix) by Phoenix 11-02-2010
play sample Giving Up The Gun by Vampire Weekend 11-02-2010
play sample Sun In An Empty Room by The Weakerthans 10-30-2010
play sample After The Bombs (Live) by The Decemberists 10-28-2010
play sample Breakfast In NYC by Oppenheimer 10-28-2010
play sample Suffocation Keep by The Slip 10-26-2010
play sample Different Names For The Same Thing by Death Cab For Cutie 10-25-2010
play sample In The Waiting Line by Zero 7 10-25-2010
play sample Falling Away With You by Muse 10-25-2010
play sample Boy With A Coin by Iron & Wine 10-25-2010
play sample Karate by Kennedy 10-23-2010
play sample Connecting The Dots by Kyle Andrews 10-23-2010
play sample As Much As I Ever Could by City And Colour 10-22-2010
play sample Naive by The Kooks 10-22-2010
play sample Fog (Again) (Live) by Radiohead 10-21-2010
play sample Seventeen by Meredith Bragg and the Terminals 10-21-2010
play sample Teardrop by Massive Attack 10-21-2010
play sample As We Go Up, We Go Down by Guided By Voices 10-20-2010
play sample Blood Bank by Bon Iver 10-20-2010
play sample Brightest Hour by The Submarines 10-20-2010
play sample I Found A Reason by Cat Power 10-19-2010
play sample Indie Rokkers by MGMT 10-16-2010
play sample Fresh Feeling by The Eels 10-15-2010
play sample Lies by Glen Hansard 10-12-2010
play sample Thirteen (New Moon Version) by Elliott Smith 10-11-2010
play sample Bodies And Minds by Great Lake Swimmers 10-11-2010
play sample Lump Sum by Bon Iver 10-11-2010
play sample Forever by Ben Harper 10-11-2010
play sample Metarie by Brendan Benson 10-10-2010
play sample Love Always Remains by MGMT 10-10-2010
play sample They Can Run by Ticonderoga 10-10-2010
play sample Byrd Joel by Red House Painters 10-10-2010
play sample I Still Care For You by Ray LaMontagne 10-10-2010
play sample Tree by Sebadoh 10-08-2010
play sample Jen, Nothing Matters To Me by Irving 10-08-2010
play sample Summer Is Coming by Matt Pond PA 10-04-2010
play sample Closer by Joshua Radin 10-04-2010
play sample Darker by Doves 10-02-2010
play sample Somewhere Only We Know by Keane 10-01-2010
play sample Question by Old 97′s 10-01-2010
play sample Miracle Drug by A.C. Newman 09-27-2010
play sample Down The Line by Jose Gonzalez 09-26-2010
play sample Sleep by Azure Ray 09-26-2010
play sample Elsa by Lilys 09-26-2010
play sample NightOut For The Downer by Damien Jurado 09-25-2010
play sample Natural Selection by Heart Pharmacy 09-24-2010
play sample Burning by The Whitest Boy Alive 09-23-2010
play sample The Girl by City And Colour 09-23-2010
play sample On The Table by A.C. Newman 09-23-2010
play sample The Comeback by Shout Out Louds 09-23-2010
play sample The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice 09-23-2010
play sample Time Won’t Let Me Go by The Bravery 09-22-2010
play sample Jolene by Ray LaMontagne 09-21-2010
play sample On And On by Mission To The Sea 09-20-2010
play sample Sanguine by The Avett Brothers 09-19-2010
play sample Broadripple Is Burning (Daytrotter Sessions) by Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s 09-10-2010
play sample Skinny Love by Bon Iver 09-04-2010
play sample Half Hearted Apology by Dean Fields 09-04-2010
play sample Man-Revolutionary! by Rogue Wave 09-04-2010
play sample The Captive Mind by The Helio Sequence 09-04-2010
play sample Rewind by Stereophonics 09-04-2010
play sample Mad World by Gary Jules 09-04-2010
play sample Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova 09-04-2010
play sample Slow Burn by Hudson Bell 09-04-2010
play sample For Emma by Bon Iver 09-03-2010
play sample Carolina by Benjamin Gibbard 08-30-2010
play sample Cold December by Matt Costa 08-30-2010
play sample Death Of An Interior Decorator by Death Cab For Cutie 08-29-2010
play sample Heart Skipped A Beat by The Xx 08-29-2010
play sample Fidelity by Regina Spektor 08-29-2010
play sample Falling Slowly by The Frames 08-29-2010
play sample Islands by The Xx 08-29-2010
play sample Catarina by Joe Purdy 08-26-2010
play sample Meet Me In The City by The Black Keys 08-26-2010
play sample Lately by The Helio Sequence 08-26-2010
play sample Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap 08-24-2010
play sample Falling For You by Sennen 08-23-2010
play sample Trying To Pull Myself Away by Glen Hansard 08-23-2010
play sample All The Way Down by Glen Hansard 08-20-2010
play sample Free Fallin’ (Acoustic) (Live) by John Mayer 08-18-2010
play sample West Coast by Coconut Records 08-17-2010
play sample Ocean In The Way by Dinosaur Jr. 08-16-2010
play sample Astral by Calla 08-13-2010
play sample Priests And Paramedics by Pedro The Lion 08-13-2010
play sample Red-eyed And Blue by Wilco 08-13-2010
play sample Transformation by David Gray 08-13-2010
play sample 1901 by Phoenix 08-13-2010
play sample 2:45 AM by Elliott Smith 08-03-2010
play sample Burn It All Down by VHS Or BETA 08-03-2010
play sample One Big Holiday by My Morning Jacket 07-30-2010
play sample Pleasure And Pain (Live) by Ben Harper 07-30-2010
play sample Breathe by Telepopmusik 07-29-2010
play sample Stability by Death Cab For Cutie 07-29-2010
play sample Look What You’ve Done by Jet 07-27-2010
play sample You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol 07-27-2010
play sample Part One by Band Of Horses 07-26-2010
play sample One Red Thread by Blind Pilot 07-22-2010
play sample Prank Calls by Kelley Stoltz 07-22-2010
play sample Now by Mackintosh Braun 07-21-2010
play sample Hear Me Out by Frou Frou 07-07-2010
play sample Only You by Joshua Radin 06-29-2010
play sample Upward Over The Mountain by Iron & Wine 06-17-2010
play sample 9 Crimes by Damien Rice 06-17-2010
play sample In My Lady’s House by Iron & Wine 06-09-2010
play sample Between Days by Red House Painters 06-08-2010
play sample My Little Bird by Rogue Wave (Children’s) 06-08-2010
play sample Snow On Dead Neighborhoods by Electric President 06-07-2010
play sample Sparks by Coldplay 05-27-2010
play sample Talking In Code by Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s 05-25-2010
play sample No One Would Riot For Less by Bright Eyes 05-25-2010
play sample Red Right Ankle by The Decemberists 05-24-2010
play sample Waitin’ For A Superman (Live) by Iron & Wine 05-24-2010
play sample See You Soon (Live) by Coldplay 05-23-2010
play sample It’s A Hit (Live) by We Are Scientists 05-23-2010
play sample Delicate by Damien Rice 05-23-2010
play sample How Can You Laugh by Marjorie Fair 05-23-2010
play sample Kanterns by The Microphones 05-22-2010
play sample Vampires In Blue Dresses by Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s 05-21-2010
play sample Broadripple Is Burning by Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s 05-20-2010
play sample Nothing Gets Crossed Out by Bright Eyes 05-20-2010
play sample Generator by Minipop 05-20-2010
play sample To Leave It Behind by Great Lake Swimmers 05-18-2010
play sample Lousy Reputation by We Are Scientists 05-15-2010
play sample Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear 05-15-2010
play sample Morning Fog by The Morning Benders 05-13-2010
play sample I Shall Not Walk Alone by Ben Harper 05-11-2010
play sample Great Ghosts (Live) by The Microphones 05-09-2010
play sample This Charming Man by Stars 05-05-2010
play sample An Honest Mistake by The Bravery 05-03-2010
play sample Size Too Small by Sufjan Stevens 05-03-2010
play sample Heartbeats (Live At Park Ave) by Jose Gonzalez 05-03-2010
play sample Lisztomania by Phoenix 04-28-2010
play sample Waitin’ For A Superman by Iron & Wine 04-28-2010
play sample Out Of Reach by The Get Up Kids 04-27-2010
play sample Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) by Pixies 04-23-2010
play sample Girlfriend by Phoenix 04-22-2010
play sample We Already Said Goodbye by The Lovemakers 04-21-2010
play sample Sleepyhead by Passion Pit 04-21-2010
play sample Boys Don’t Cry by Victor Malloy 04-18-2010
play sample Thumb (Live) by J. Mascis 04-15-2010
play sample Jesus, Etc. by Wilco 04-14-2010
play sample Wait For It by Rogue Wave 04-14-2010
play sample A Fond Farewell by Elliott Smith 04-13-2010
play sample Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun 04-13-2010
play sample New Slang by The Shins 04-09-2010
play sample Weekend Wars by MGMT 04-09-2010
play sample Lisztomania (Classixx Version) by Phoenix 04-09-2010
play sample Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine 04-09-2010
play sample Daylight by Matt & Kim 04-09-2010
play sample The Youth by MGMT 04-09-2010
play sample Lightness by Death Cab For Cutie 04-08-2010
play sample An Offer She Can’t Refuse by Reeve Oliver 04-07-2010
play sample Kids by MGMT 04-06-2010
play sample Two Weeks (Radio Mix) by Grizzly Bear 04-06-2010
play sample The Start Of Something by Voxtrot 04-05-2010
play sample A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys 04-03-2010
play sample I Like What You Say by Nada Surf 04-03-2010
play sample Ghost by Rogue Wave 03-31-2010
play sample My Girls by Animal Collective 03-30-2010
play sample Cold Wind by Arcade Fire 03-30-2010
play sample Three Seed by Silversun Pickups 03-29-2010
play sample Cartwheels by The Reindeer Section 03-26-2010
play sample Life’s A Dream by Built To Spill 03-25-2010
play sample Grapevine Fires by Death Cab For Cutie 03-25-2010
play sample Wave Of Mutilation by Pixies 03-24-2010
play sample Sooner (Live) by My Morning Jacket 03-22-2010
play sample Tiny Vessels by Death Cab For Cutie 03-21-2010
play sample Countdown by Phoenix 03-19-2010
play sample The Scene Is Dead by We Are Scientists 03-19-2010
play sample Detroit Has A Skyline by Superchunk 03-08-2010
play sample A Certain Romance (Live) by Arctic Monkeys 03-05-2010
play sample Y Control by Yeah Yeah Yeahs 03-03-2010
play sample Your Ex-Lover Is Dead by Stars 03-03-2010
play sample These Streets by Paolo Nutini 02-28-2010
play sample The General Specific by Band Of Horses 02-19-2010
play sample Blood Bleeds by The Helio Sequence 02-15-2010
play sample Twilight by Future Of Forestry 02-14-2010
play sample When Did Your Heart Go Missing? by Rooney 02-11-2010
play sample Lake Michigan by Rogue Wave 01-29-2010
play sample Ode To LRC by Band Of Horses 01-25-2010
play sample True Love Waits (Live) by Radiohead 01-07-2010
play sample Rock ‘N’ Roll by The Sounds 12-11-2009
play sample Hit The Heartbrakes by Black Kids 12-11-2009
play sample Motor Away by Guided By Voices 10-19-2009
play sample Playground Love by Air 10-09-2009
play sample Fortress by Pinback 09-20-2009
play sample Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect > Dreams (Live) by Colin Meloy 09-19-2009
play sample The End by The Autumns 09-12-2009
play sample Sixteen, Maybe Less by Calexico & Iron & Wine 09-10-2009
play sample The End’s Not Near by Band Of Horses 09-10-2009
play sample A Movie Script Ending by Death Cab For Cutie 09-10-2009
play sample Wet The Day by The Album Leaf 09-04-2009
play sample On The Old Mountain Radio Christian Kleine Mix by Mum 08-28-2009
play sample Flightless Bird by Iron & Wine 08-26-2009
play sample Ivy by Coastal 08-25-2009
play sample I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You by Colin Hay 07-31-2009
play sample Messenger Bird’s Song by Bright Eyes 07-30-2009
play sample Harvard Hands by The Foxymorons 07-16-2009
play sample Jack-A** by Beck 07-09-2009
play sample Remind Me by Royksopp 07-09-2009
play sample Paris Radio by Coastal 06-18-2009
play sample Say It To Me Now by Glen Hansard 06-18-2009
play sample Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups 06-09-2009
play sample Special by Mew 06-03-2009
play sample Nothing In My Way by Keane 06-02-2009
play sample Say Yes by Cord Stone 05-17-2009
play sample Across The Universe by Fiona Apple 05-16-2009
play sample I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend To Dance With You by Black Kids 05-16-2009
play sample Sour Times by Portishead 05-16-2009
play sample Norma by Shellito 05-14-2009
play sample Cath by Death Cab For Cutie 05-13-2009
play sample Jen Is Bringin The Drugs by Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s 05-13-2009
play sample Hell Is Chrome (Live) by Wilco 05-13-2009
play sample Behind The Drapes by Mew 05-09-2009
play sample Not The Same by Ben Folds 05-09-2009
play sample Black Star by Radiohead 05-04-2009
play sample Reckoner by Radiohead 05-02-2009
play sample No One’s Gonna Love You by Band Of Horses 05-02-2009
play sample Detlef Schrempf by Band Of Horses 05-01-2009
play sample Better Things by South 05-01-2009
play sample Emblems by Matt Pond PA 04-30-2009
play sample Gideon by My Morning Jacket 04-30-2009
play sample Virgo Torpedo by Shellito 04-30-2009
play sample Lucky by Radiohead 04-29-2009
play sample Be Still My Heart by The Postal Service 04-25-2009
play sample Let Go by Frou Frou 04-23-2009
play sample Untitled by Interpol 04-23-2009
play sample The Fake But No Finish by Readymade 04-23-2009
play sample Left Of The Dial by The Replacements 04-22-2009
play sample Only Ones Who Know by Arctic Monkeys 04-22-2009
play sample Lover’s Spit by Broken Social Scene 04-22-2009
play sample So Here We Are by Bloc Party 04-20-2009
play sample Fix You by Coldplay 04-20-2009
play sample All My Friends by The Pale Pacific 04-20-2009
play sample Blue Light by Bloc Party 04-15-2009
play sample Brand New Love by Sebadoh 04-14-2009
play sample You Were Right by Built To Spill 04-09-2009
play sample Chicago by Sufjan Stevens 04-07-2009
play sample Hey by Pixies 04-04-2009
play sample Penelope by Pinback 04-01-2009
play sample Weeks Go By Like Days by My Morning Jacket 03-24-2009
play sample Lost! by Coldplay 03-24-2009
play sample Wave Of Mutilation (Live) by Pixies 03-21-2009
play sample Real Time by Stars Of Track And Field 03-12-2009
play sample You’re A Wolf by Sea Wolf 03-12-2009
play sample Stars by Hum 03-12-2009
play sample Nothing Better (Styrofoam Remix) by The Postal Service 03-12-2009
play sample The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine 03-11-2009
play sample Up Against The Wall by Peter Bjorn And John 03-10-2009
play sample The Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse 03-10-2009
play sample Hurt You by The Sounds 03-09-2009
play sample Pieces Of What by MGMT 03-09-2009
play sample Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1 by The Flaming Lips 03-09-2009
play sample Do You Realize?? by The Flaming Lips 03-05-2009
play sample Loro by Pinback 03-05-2009
play sample The Ice Is Getting Thinner by Death Cab For Cutie 03-05-2009
play sample Young Folks by Peter Bjorn And John 03-05-2009
play sample Steam Engine by My Morning Jacket 03-03-2009
play sample Missed The Boat by Modest Mouse 03-03-2009
play sample Hallelujah by The Helio Sequence 02-12-2009
play sample Is There A Ghost by Band Of Horses 02-10-2009
play sample Time To Pretend by MGMT 02-10-2009
play sample How To Disappear Completely by Radiohead 02-04-2009
play sample Paper Boats by Nada Surf 02-03-2009
play sample Ocean Of Noise by Arcade Fire 02-02-2009
play sample World At Large by Modest Mouse 02-02-2009
play sample New Hampshire by Matt Pond PA 01-31-2009
play sample Sodom, South Georgia by Iron & Wine 01-30-2009
play sample Thirteen by Elliott Smith 01-30-2009
play sample Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) by The Decemberists 01-28-2009
play sample Back To This by The Helio Sequence 01-13-2009
play sample No Inside, No Out by Mount Eerie 01-12-2009
play sample Crooked Teeth by Death Cab For Cutie 01-10-2009
play sample Karma Police by Radiohead 01-10-2009
play sample Your Mother And Father by Cass McCombs 01-03-2009
play sample Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect by The Decemberists 12-30-2008
play sample Left And Leaving by The Weakerthans 12-26-2008
play sample Sunship Balloons by The Flaming Lips 12-24-2008
play sample Pictures Of Success by Rilo Kiley 12-22-2008
play sample The Glow Pt. 2 by The Microphones 12-22-2008
play sample Inside Of Love by Nada Surf 12-22-2008
play sample Fade Into You by Mazzy Star 12-20-2008
play sample Are You A Hypnotist?? by The Flaming Lips 12-20-2008
play sample Blacking Out The Friction by Death Cab For Cutie 12-19-2008
play sample The Tiger And The Tailor by Tiger Saw 12-18-2008
play sample Blacking Out The Friction / Brand New Love (Live) by Death Cab For Cutie 12-18-2008
play sample A Perfect Sonnet by Bright Eyes 12-17-2008
play sample Dramamine by Modest Mouse 12-17-2008
play sample Marching Bands Of Manhattan by Death Cab For Cutie 12-17-2008
play sample Angeles by Elliott Smith 12-13-2008
play sample Lanterns by The Microphones 12-12-2008
play sample Forever Young by Youth Group 12-08-2008
play sample Love It All by The Kooks 12-08-2008
play sample High And Dry by Radiohead 12-08-2008
play sample Wake Up by Arcade Fire 12-05-2008
play sample L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold 12-03-2008
play sample Apocalypso by Mew 12-03-2008
play sample Just One Thing by My Morning Jacket 12-03-2008
play sample Hindsight by Death Cab For Cutie 11-30-2008
play sample The Last High by The Dandy Warhols 11-25-2008
play sample Blizzard Of 77 by Nada Surf 11-21-2008
play sample Caring is Creepy by The Shins 11-21-2008
play sample The Reasons by The Weakerthans 11-20-2008
play sample Float On by Modest Mouse 11-20-2008
play sample The Zookeeper’s Boy by Mew 11-20-2008
play sample Ten Thousand Lines by Electric President 11-19-2008
play sample Red Elephant by Sunny Day Real Estate 11-19-2008
play sample All Is Full Of Love by Death Cab For Cutie 11-19-2008
play sample Eyes by Rogue Wave 11-19-2008
play sample Title And Registration by Death Cab For Cutie 11-19-2008
play sample Sunshine by Matt Costa 11-19-2008
play sample Lua by Bright Eyes 11-18-2008
play sample Electric Feel by MGMT 11-18-2008
play sample Gagging Order by Radiohead 11-18-2008
play sample On/Off by Snow Patrol 11-14-2008
play sample Tell Me A Lie by Griffin House 11-12-2008
play sample Play Crack The Sky by Brand New 11-12-2008
play sample Big Foot! by The Weakerthans 11-11-2008
play sample The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by The Postal Service 11-11-2008
play sample Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years by Mew 11-11-2008
play sample The Recluse by Cursive 11-11-2008
play sample June by Pinback 11-11-2008
play sample Aside by The Weakerthans 11-09-2008
play sample Where Is My Mind? by Pixies 11-07-2008
play sample Up For Air by The Dimes 11-07-2008
play sample Don’t Let It Break Your Heart by The Devlins 11-07-2008
play sample Our Swords by Band Of Horses 11-07-2008
play sample She Moves In Her Own Way by The Kooks 11-07-2008
play sample Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic) by Radiohead 11-06-2008
play sample Evil by Interpol 11-05-2008
play sample It’s All About Us by The American Analog Set 11-05-2008
play sample Last Embrace by Northern Room 11-04-2008
play sample Eat, Sleep, Repeat by Copeland 11-04-2008
play sample Photobooth by Death Cab For Cutie 11-04-2008
play sample You Only Live Once by The Strokes 11-04-2008
play sample Untitled 4 by Sigur Ros 11-03-2008
play sample Inevitable by Damien Jurado 11-01-2008
play sample Running Up That Hill by Placebo 11-01-2008
play sample Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic Version) by Radiohead 10-30-2008
play sample Taylor by Jack Johnson 10-30-2008
play sample Half Right by Heatmiser 10-30-2008
play sample St. Augustine by Band Of Horses 10-30-2008
play sample I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab For Cutie 10-30-2008
play sample Rose Parade by Elliott Smith 10-30-2008
play sample Across The Universe by Rufus Wainwright 10-30-2008
play sample Sleeping Lessons by The Shins 10-30-2008
play sample The Chills by Peter Bjorn And John 10-30-2008
play sample Paper Thin Walls by Modest Mouse 10-18-2008
play sample Perfect Distillation by Bottom of the Hudson 09-13-2008
play sample Such Great Heights (Remix by John Tejada) by The Postal Service 05-19-2008
play sample Another Lonely Day by Ben Harper 05-19-2008
play sample Leave Me Alone by Pernice Brothers 05-16-2008
play sample Bags Of Bones by Owen 05-06-2008
play sample Invention by Pedro The Lion 04-21-2008
play sample Only One Listening by Martin Grech 04-18-2008
play sample Truckstop Cassettes by Portastatic 04-11-2008
play sample Charlie Brown’s Lament by Jacob Miller (Rock) 04-03-2008
play sample Fake Plastic Trees (Live) by Radiohead 03-07-2008
play sample Skull by Sebadoh 03-07-2008
play sample Carry The Zero by Built To Spill 03-06-2008
play sample Your Tester Bunny by Kyle Andrews 03-03-2008
play sample Idioteque by Radiohead 02-28-2008
play sample Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez 02-28-2008
play sample Brothers On A Hotel Bed by Death Cab For Cutie 02-27-2008
play sample Commerce, TX by Ben Kweller 02-26-2008
play sample Seaside by The Kooks 02-25-2008
play sample Automatic Stop by The Strokes 02-20-2008
play sample Ooh La by The Kooks 02-12-2008
play sample Benediction by The Weakerthans 02-12-2008
play sample The Employment Pages by Death Cab For Cutie 02-08-2008
play sample The Lazy Librarian’s Son by The Foxymorons 02-07-2008
play sample Green Eyes by Coldplay 02-07-2008
play sample Snow Brigade by Mew 02-06-2008
play sample Happy by Shellito 01-30-2008
play sample Til I Hear It From You by Gin Blossoms 01-25-2008
play sample Lampshade by Fielding 01-24-2008
play sample Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call by The Weakerthans 01-24-2008
play sample Limb To Limb by Mellowdrone 01-24-2008
play sample Read My Mind by The Killers 01-24-2008
play sample Bad Best Friend by Nada Surf 11-02-2007
play sample None Of These Can Save Me From Myself by Promenade 10-30-2007
play sample The Great Salt Lake by Band Of Horses 10-26-2007
play sample Carry Me Ohio by Sun Kil Moon 10-26-2007
play sample Knock-Down Drag-Out by Weezer 10-26-2007
play sample Imaginary Friends by Nada Surf 10-26-2007
play sample Lola Stars And Stripes by The Stills 10-25-2007
play sample One With The Freaks by The Notwist 10-25-2007
play sample Hperspace by Nada Surf 10-12-2007
play sample In Transit by Albert Hammond Jr 10-12-2007
play sample The First Song by Band Of Horses 10-05-2007
play sample I Ran Away by Coldplay 10-05-2007
play sample Better Day by Ocean Colour Scene 10-05-2007
play sample Condor Ave. by Elliott Smith 10-03-2007
play sample Girl Sailor by The Shins 10-03-2007
play sample Title Track by Death Cab For Cutie 10-02-2007
play sample Creep by Radiohead 10-02-2007
play sample Kissing The Lipless by The Shins 10-02-2007
play sample The Garden You Planted by Sea Wolf 10-02-2007
play sample Minotaur (Burn A Candle For Love) by The Skygreen Leopards 10-02-2007
play sample Kreuzberg by Bloc Party 10-02-2007
play sample Elevator Love Letter by Stars 10-02-2007
play sample We Have This Place Surrounded by The Boxer Rebellion 10-02-2007
play sample Am I Wry? No by Mew 10-02-2007
play sample Thirteen (Live) by Big Star 09-27-2007
play sample New Slang (Live) by The Shins 09-26-2007
play sample The Twenty-Second Century by Say Hi To Your Mom 09-26-2007
play sample Infra-Red by Placebo 09-26-2007
play sample Hysteria by Muse 09-26-2007
play sample The Tourist by Radiohead 09-26-2007
play sample Symmetry by Mew 09-25-2007
play sample I Am Always The One Who Calls by Pedro The Lion 09-25-2007
play sample The Funeral by Band Of Horses 09-25-2007
play sample 20th Century Towers by Death Cab For Cutie 09-24-2007
play sample Zen Brain by Nada Surf 09-21-2007
play sample Innocent Vigilent Ordinary by The Appleseed Cast 09-21-2007
play sample Bacardi by Nada Surf 09-21-2007
play sample This Is Such A Pity by Weezer 09-20-2007
play sample Morning Bell (Live) by Radiohead 09-19-2007
play sample Sphagnum Esplanade by The Shins 09-19-2007
play sample Electricityscape by The Strokes 09-19-2007
play sample Honestly by Zwan 09-19-2007
play sample Andre The Giant And Cool by Golden Birds 09-19-2007
play sample How To Be Dead by Snow Patrol 09-19-2007
play sample Severed Lips by Dinosaur Jr. 09-19-2007
play sample Obstacle 1 by Interpol 09-19-2007
play sample On Fire by Sebadoh 09-19-2007
play sample I’m Sleeping In A Submarine by Arcade Fire 09-19-2007
play sample Animals Of Many Kinds by Mew 09-18-2007
play sample Into Your Hideout by Pilate 09-18-2007
play sample Telepath by The Church 09-18-2007
play sample Can’t Lose by We Are Scientists 09-18-2007
play sample Someday by The Devlins 09-18-2007
play sample Smile Like You Mean It by The Killers 09-18-2007
play sample Keeping Track by Superchunk 09-15-2007
play sample Happy kid by Nada Surf 09-14-2007
play sample It’s A Hit by We Are Scientists 09-14-2007
play sample Every You Every Me by Placebo 09-14-2007
play sample Phantom Limb by The Shins 09-13-2007

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Dylan Rieder Rips – Gotta Be the Shoes November 17th, 2010 · No Comments

To end the Skateboarding related post drought, here is a video released by Gravis  Shoes featuring Dylan Rieder. It’s long…but damn.

He’s got really clean style, which seems to have flowed into the design of his pro shoe.

Dylan Rieder Pro Shoe from Gravis

This is one of the most unusual skate shoes I’ve ever seen, but for some reason, I like ‘em. It’s a slip on with a worn suede outer that gives it a similar look to grandpa’s old house slippers. The bottom of the shoe has some style too with a damask tread. Supposedly, Rieder refers to them as his tap dancing shoes. Well if he can skate like he does in these, then more power to him.

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Objectified: Think More. Design Less. Part 2 November 4th, 2010 · No Comments

In an earlier post, Think More. Design Less, I shared some products that smacked of great design. Recently I came across the documentary, Objectified, which is an in depth look at the design process for consumer goods. It even touches on  some of the products that were mention in my earlier post. From concept to prototype on to mass manufacturing, Objectified is a revealing journey through the product design life cycle.

Disclaimer: This doc will be pretty boring for those who aren’t into well designed products aka Apple Haters. Kidding!

Here’s the trailer.

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Borderline Unacceptable October 21st, 2010 · No Comments

Recently I had an interesting discussion with a friend about their coworker who is engaging in a number of borderline unacceptable behaviors. It led to a funny argument about whether this person’s actions were odd or just flat-out wrong. Here are the charges:

- Washing his face in the company kitchen sink

It’s all good because: “Washing hands in the sink is completely acceptable and hands are typically dirtier than someone’s face.”

Grosssssss because: “Face washing is confined to the bathroom sink/shower for two reasons. Snot and spit.”

- Urinating with the stall open and his pants down. aka bare ass showing

It’s all good because: “No genitalia is on display.”

Grosssssss because: “Stall open pissing should be confined to dive bars and sporting events. Furthermore the Bare Ass technique is only acceptable for kids 8 years and younger. Besides, bare ass at work is hardly professional.”

- Using bare hands to serve himself food. This occurred once when taking fixins from the community salad bar AND again when taking a slice out of a birthday cake.

It’s all good because: “Well…at least we know he feels strongly about cleanliness because of his thorough hand to face washing in the kitchen sink.”

Grosssssss because: “Really, this one is just unacceptable. C’mon!”

- Squatting/living in the office. This is not 100% confirmed. Maybe 92%.

It’s all good because: “Hey, he’s getting away with not paying rent, utilities, and home upkeep. He’s probably handling a helluva lot of work with all that time in the office. Plus, it’s like having a night watchmen free of charge.”

Grosssssss because: “I got nothing. Props to him for beating the system.”

And really, who are we to judge? It’s not like we haven’t engaged in some (or all) of these behaviors at some time or another. Right? Riiiiight?!

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