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I am not an Apple guy, but if they keep putting out products like the iPhone, I will have to become one.  And that means selling my soul to the devil…a very stylish, often overpriced devil. So what is it that makes the iPhone so appealing? Apart from the more common features like the camera, wifi, mp3, and video, it has a touchscreen interface which is unique and incredibly intuitive. The touchscreen provides an incredible user experience especially when browsing the internet. So how come Motorola, Samsung, and most of all Nokia haven’t figured it out?

Fortunately, my soul may be saved by Nokia’s new phone which will be released next year. Last year, rumors swirled around the touchscreen Nokia N97, but the phone was revealed to be a farse. Nokia N97 Touchscreen Cell Phone

In an official announcement Nokia said that they will introduce a touchscreen phone next year. It will use the S60 platform which can be found on the top end N95 and the highly anticipated N81.

Nokia N95 Cell Phone Nokia N81 8GB Cell Phone

How the Nokia touchscreen phone’s user experience stacks up against the iPhone’s will really make or break its “iPhone Killer” status, but I am pulling for the Finnish powerhouse. Unfortunately, the phone will probably be released later in the US, but my loyalty still lies with Nokia. Nokia was the first phone I ever owned (Nokia 5190) and it was the first stock I ever bought (on its way to being a two-bagger) and hopefully it will be the first do-it-all touchscreen multimedia device that I get.

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