Expo Line: Can Los Angeles Step Up Their City Game? July 26th, 2010 · No Comments

Almost every major city has a stereotyped flaw(s). New Yorkers are rude and always in a hurry. London has crap weather and food. Seattle is always rainy and depressed. Las Vegas is nothing but debauchery. Los Angeles traffic sucks. Regardless of the truth, these are the generally held negative perceptions of these cities.

Well, the truth is LA traffic blows and it is related to a lot of other problems that visitors and Angelenos should be familiar with.  Smog, lack of a central “downtown”, no mass transit, and needing a car to get around. All of these are connected issues, but progress is being made.

Los Angeles Mass Transit Solution

The Expo line Phase 1 is planned to run from Downtown Los Angeles, through USC,  to Culver City is being built and has a 2011 completion date. The 7th street and Metro downtown station will be the transfer point for the expo, blue, red, purple, and silver lines.  My local station, Venice/Robertson station, is already under construction. It is located between Robertson and Exposition just a bit East of Downtown Culver City. Finally, a direct connect between Tender Greens and Seven Grand!

Full Expo Line Route

If that isn’t enough, the Phase 2 Expo Line is being planned to connect all the way to the Santa Monica Pier. What?! I’ll believe it when I see it, but I’m hoping it happens. Don’t hold your breath though since Phase 1 has already been delayed once. I bet 2015 for Phase 2′s completion. Any takers?


Assuming it happens, connecting the coast to downtown (with numerous stops in between) is a big step towards liberating Angelenos from their cars and will hopefully reduce traffic. Then all we need is a football team.

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